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Regions in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is made up of 72 primary administrative regions. Have a closer look at the regions in Azerbaijan. Information on all primary administrative regions in Azerbaijan.

Please note that unfortunately population data are not available for all regions in Azerbaijan.

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Primary administrative regions in Azerbaijan

There are 72 regions in Azerbaijan in the primary administrative level.
Primary administrative regions in Azerbaijan
RegionNoPopulationCapitalCapital population
Baki Baku City1.2,122,300Baku Baku1,116,513
Sumqayit Sumqayit City2.292,577Sumqayit Sumqayıt265,150
Jalilabad Jalilabad3.200,000Dzhalilabad Dzhalilabad36,259
Lankaran Lankaran Rayon4.197,500Lankaran Lankaran240,300
Shamkir Rayon Shamkir Rayon5.192,900Shamkhor Shamkhor35,421
Abseron Absheron Rayon6.189,800Khirdalan Khirdalan37,949
Masally Masally District7.183,532Masally Masally9,604
Agdam Aghdam Rayon8.165,407Agdam Ağdam39,451
Xacmaz Khachmaz Rayon9.152,360Xacmaz Xaçmaz37,175
Tovuz Tovuz Rayon10.149,760Tovuz Tovuz12,626
Fuezuli Fizuli Rayon11.144,442Fizuli Fizuli26,765
Sabirabad Sabirabad Rayon12.143,514Sabirabad Sabirabad28,075
Quba Quba Rayon13.143,047Quba Quba22,405
Barda Rayon Barda Rayon14.129,600Barda Barda37,372
Aghjabadi Rayon Aghjabadi Rayon15.122,649Agdzhabedy Agdzhabedy34,989
Salyan Salyan Rayon16.117,170Salyan Salyan36,555
Zaqatala Zaqatala Rayon17.111,419Zaqatala Zaqatala18,277
Imisli Imishli Rayon18.109,061Imishli Imishli34,178
Kurdamir Rayon Kurdamir Rayon19.106,128Kyurdarmir Kyurdarmir19,088
Goeycay Goychay Rayon20.105,323Geoktschai Geoktschai35,348
Mingacevir City Mingacevir City21.99,775Mingelchaur Mingelchaur95,453
Agdas Aghdash Rayon22.98,600Agdas Ağdaş23,528
Bilasuvar Rayon Bilasuvar Rayon23.94,400Pushkino Pushkino18,182
Gadabay Rayon Gadabay Rayon24.94,200Kyadabek Kyadabek8,657
Qabala Rayon Qabala Rayon25.93,770Qutqashen Qutqashen11,867
Astara Astara District26.90,708Astara Astara15,190
Goranboy Goranboy Rayon27.90,554Goranboy Goranboy7,333
Balakan Rayon Balakan Rayon28.90,300Belokany Belokany9,182
Saatli Saatly Rayon29.87,031Saatli Saatlı87,000
Samaxi Shamakhi Rayon30.85,795Shamakhi Shamakhi29,403
Qusar Qusar Rayon31.84,645Qusar Qusar16,022
Qazax Qazakh Rayon32.84,013Qazax Qazax18,903
Lankaran Sahari Lankaran Sahari33.83,300--
Beylaqan Beylagan Rayon34.81,700Beylagan Beylagan15,599
Shirvan Shirvan35.81,200Sirvan Şirvan70,220
Agstafa Aghstafa Rayon36.76,302Aghstafa Aghstafa12,542
Ismayilli Ismayilli Rayon37.76,184Ismayilli İsmayıllı13,610
Neftcala Neftchala Rayon38.75,356Neftcala Neftçala18,661
Nakhchivan Nakhchivan39.74,500--
Ucar Ujar Rayon40.74,067Ujar Ujar15,741
Lerik Lerik Rayon41.69,735Lerik Lerik7,094
Lacin Laçın Rayonu42.68,033Lacin Laçın2,300
Agsu Aghsu Rayon43.66,645Aghsu Aghsu17,209
Nakhichevan Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic44.64,754Nakhchivan Nakhchivan64,754
Shaki City Shaki city45.63,000Sheki Sheki63,000
Haciqabul Hajigabul Rayon46.61,015Haciqabul Hacıqabul23,102
Yevlax City Yevlakh City47.59,036Yevlakh Yevlakh59,036
Goygol Rayon Goygol Rayon48.54,861Yelenendorf Yelenendorf17,816
Yardimli Yardymli Rayon49.54,576Yardimli Yardımlı4,004
Qakh Rayon Qakh Rayon50.53,246Qax Qax11,992
Shabran Shabran Rayon51.53,000Divichibazar Divichibazar23,248
Xankandi Sahari Xankandi Sahari52.52,310--
Zardab Zardab Rayon53.51,800Zardob Zardob10,612
Samux Samukh Rayon54.50,787Samux Samux6,013
Oguz Oghuz Rayon55.38,915Oguz Oğuz6,600
Siazan Rayon Siazan Rayon56.38,400Kyzyl-Burun Kyzyl-Burun3
Qobustan Gobustan Rayon57.37,224Qobustan Qobustan3,754
Qubadli Qubadli Rayon58.35,067Qubadli Qubadlı6,890
Dashkasan Rayon Dashkasan Rayon59.32,900Yukhary-Dashkesan Yukhary-Dashkesan9,900
Zangilan Rayon Zangilan Rayon60.32,500Zangilan Zangilan7,483
Susa Şuşa Rayonu61.29,500Shushi Shushi18,662
Xocali Xocalı Rayonu62.24,787Xocali Xocalı5,810
Xizi Khizi Rayon63.13,822Khyzy Khyzy1,024
Naftalan Naftalan City64.7,403Naftalan Naftalan7,045
Shusha Shusha65.4,200--
Cabrayil Rayonu Cəbrayıl Rayonu66.-Jebrail Jebrail8,396
Ganja City Ganja City67.-Ganja Ganja313,300
Kalbacar Rayonu Kəlbəcər Rayonu68.-Kerbakhiar Kerbakhiar8,400
Shaki Rayon Shaki Rayon69.---
Tartar Rayon Tartar Rayon70.-Terter Terter18,185
Xocavand Rayonu Xocavənd Rayonu71.-Novyy Karanlug Novyy Karanlug5,079
Yevlax Yevlakh Rayon72.---